Alan Jones founded this company in 1969 and named it North Country Productions after the Bob Dylan song, “Girl From North Country.” The company has worked in many different aspects of event production, promotion, advertising and marketing, but today focuses on print distribution and event promotion. Alan originally started producing rock and music concerts, showing from the beginning the commitment to supporting artists, musicians, theaters, venues, local businesses and non-profits that today motivates and characterizes all of our work.

Throughout our long history we have worked with nearly every performing arts, dance, music, art organization and event space in the Portland area. For a complete list of our clients, past and present, please visit our clients tab. Portland is a city known for its’ imaginative arts and cultural scene and North Country Productions is dedicated to fostering this. As print media and design have been staples of this community, the distribution of these materials is welcomed by businesses and venues and adds to the aesthetic of the city.

We have enjoyed promoting and advancing this culture and are excited to see how the city continues to flourish. We are always looking for more organizations and venues to support. Please contact us for any event promotion, print distribution and marketing needs.